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What is a Talent Management System?

A talent management system (TMS) is an integrated software suite that addresses the “four pillars” of recruitment; performance management; learning & development; and compensation management. TMS’s are designed to improve processes for identifying, recruiting, developing, and retaining people with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future organisational needs.

TMS solutions typically offer one or many disparate or integrated modules to provide business functionality in the following areas:

  • performance management
  • goal management
  • compensation management
  • talent acquisition/recruiting
  • learning management
  • career development
  • succession planning
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Who needs a Talent Management System?

Talent Management Systems no longer just cater for large corporations. With 3 in 5 workers changing jobs in the last 5 years, can you afford to lose your best people? What are you doing to identify critical roles in your organisation and build succession plans? And how are you reducing the flight risk and increasing engagement of your personnel?

How can HR Lead assist?

For businesses looking for a standalone or integrated talent management module we can help you pick the system that best meets the specific functionality requirements of your business.

We will come to you and:

  • Assess your current state system, processes, people & metrics
  • Build a business case for change
  • Develop a detailed requirements list
  • Match to potential vendors
  • Assist with the assessment of the systems against your requirements
  • Assist with change and project management
  • Guide user testing
  • Review implementation and assess success
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