System Selection Tool 2018-05-01T11:21:59+08:00 is a unique toolset designed specifically to support system implementations.


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Interactive system functionality description and selection

Graphical and interactive display of current project scope, providing perspective and aiding project understanding and quantification.

Detailed specification capture

Guides the capture of detailed functional requirements, along with associated and prioritisation information.
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Configuration requirements capture

Supports the capture, storage and access of critical implementation and configuration information.

Scope visualization

Interactive charts and graphs that illustrate target project scope, and key metrics including RoI, stakeholder impact and peer popularity.

Project activity event communications

Communications and notifications that keep the team in the loop, and up to speed, keeping up engagement and project awareness.

Risk management planning

Structured and guided creation of risk management and mitigation plans, along with ongoing management reminders.

Guided project management activities

Structured collation of project management activities including roles and project scheduling.

Sponsor project review

Engagement of project sponsors & facilitation of feedback and sign-off processes. Combatting the #1 cause of project failure: disengagement of senior team members.
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Thorough and automated documentation

Automated documentation creation built around document template formats and the merging of your project specific information input.

System impact visualisation

Interactive charting enables visualisation of project impact for ‘C level’ presentation and decision making support.
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Project scheduling

Guided project scheduling providing a default starting point / platform for creating a project specific schedule.

User testing scripts

Automated creation of user testing scripts (accelerated / efficient UAT), based on functional requirements and configuration details.

Market intelligence capture

Capture and (anonymized aggregated) use of user data to create valuable insights for your organisation.

Vendor engagement management

Supports/automates EoI & RfQ processes dramatically speeding up go-to market, selection and engagement.

Selection criteria & process support

Guided creation of selection criteria and capture of scoring against them.

Graphical System fit charting

Visualisation of the match between your functional requirements and systems in the marketplace.

Scoring/matching requirements to system capabilities

‘Empirical’ scoring of system capabilities to project functional requirements.

Visualisation of system shortfalls

Charts that display the shortfall between requirements and capability, enabling swift and data driven decisions.