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“It is important that all HR processes and initiatives are developed as part of an overall people strategy. This strategy must be aligned with and designed to assist the achievement of the organisational strategy and goals”

Craig Baker – Managing Director HR Lead Consulting

Design a People Strategy

We can help you identify, develop and implement your HR Strategic plan to ensure it is inline with your strategic direction.
Often there is an incongruence between systems, structure, people, processes and practices. This can hinder an organisation’s efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. More often than not there are some relatively simple changes to better align these that can significantly improve the organisation’s HR delivery and outputs.
We help you take a holistic view of your organisation’s people, systems and processes to help determine how to best improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your HR delivery.

Audit people practices and processes

Often business owners and managers are too busy meeting targets and deadlines and delivering outcomes for their customers to have an opportunity to step back from the process to see where efficiencies can be had. HR Lead can perform a high level audit of the people practices and processes by taking a look through the lens of each key stakeholder. Our years of hands on operational experience allow us to quickly hone in on key areas of opportunity.

Identify & prioritise improvement opportunities

The audit will identify and prioritise opportunities for improvements. People, process, and system improvements will be categorised through a matrix outlining a plan to implement key changes and improvements.

Provide change support

All changes need to be carefully managed. HR Lead can guide you through a thorough change management process which will cover the following:

  • Change impact assessment
  • Change design
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication plan
  • Training plan
  • Post change support