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Effective HR Management is based on strong, simple and effective HR processes,supported by systems and people.

Process auditing

All HR processes, whether in workforce planning, recruitment, performance, talent, learning or remuneration have inefficiencies. These inefficiencies could be resulting from: Poor data driving poor decisions, too many touch points in the process, time delays, duplication of effort or unnecessary effort. Our process audit will deep dive into all aspects of the process, map out the actual process undertaken (often very different to the organisations documented processes), and identify areas of opportunity.

Process simplification

The first path to improvement after determining the current processes and practices is to simplify the process. Identifying the key desired outcomes and then working backward through the process to identify the steps required to achieve the outcome is the best method of achieving improvements. The old ‘we’ve always done it this way’ is prevalent in a lot of organisations and determining the desired outcome can often highlight the incongruence between the actual practices and the desired outcomes.

Process standardisation

Once a process has been simplified it is important to ensure it is followed in a standardized way. Work instructions and processes maps, whilst important, don’t necessarily ensure standardisation of processes. Process standardisation can be achieved through checks, auditing, governance and process analytics. We also offer transition support dependent upon your organisations needs.

Process optimisation

Once there is a simplified and standardised process it is then very easy to look at ways to automate parts of the process. Whether through better integration of systems, improved analytics or better information workflow HR Lead can help identify opportunities to automate or systemise current processes to ensure the ultimate efficiency and effectiveness gains.