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Over 50% of system implementations fail.

Understanding why can dramatically improve your odds of success.

The factors that cause project failures are well understood, and can be relatively simple to fix. The catch is that they are not the factors that we expect to influence our projects outcome. The success factor checker tool has been created to highlight the factors that determine project success and failure. It asks some simple questions that help you re-focus your attention on these factors.

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What is The Checker, and why use it?Checker Screenshot

Many studies have shown that the majority of the issues that undermine projects occur during the project set-up period. They concern the environment in which the project is run, rather than how it is run. We believe that this is the reason that projects fail: We take the situation / environment for granted, believing it cannot be changed, and therefore focus primarily on the processes / technology / people within the project.

We encourage you to consider the context of the project and think about the macro circumstances not the micro activities of the project.

What is it based upon?

The questions asked and scoring applied within the calculator are based upon a number of studies (academic, commercial and government). We have brought together and interpreted these study outcomes and created both the questions (we hope they are not overly jargon-y) and scoring mechanism.

Disclaimer: The tool includes assumptions and interpretations, it is not empirical. It is intended to highlight the common failure factors and indicate areas where you may need to re-examine. It is intended to raise awareness in a structured manner only, and is not a replacement for expert advice that is specific to your circumstances.

What do I need to know to use it?

The tool asks 13 plain English questions, to answer these questions you will need to be informed about both your project and the business or organisational / environment in which it is to be run. If you do not know the answers assume the worst!

Good luck: