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All in one HR system

What is an All in one HR system

A human resource information system is an information system that provides a single, centralized view of the data that a business requires for completing human resource (HR) processes. Such processes include recruiting, applicant tracking, payroll, time and attendance, performance appraisals, benefits administration, employee self service, compliance and training.

Who needs a HR system

Businesses that are currently running their HR via spreadsheets are missing out on key cost efficiencies that a HR system can bring. No longer do you need to be a large business to be able to afford to implement a HR system, there are some remarkable and affordable systems available. Any business that has 50 or more people should get a HR system now.

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How HR Lead can assist.

For businesses looking for a standalone Recruitment & onboarding module we can help you pick the best system for your business. .

We come to you and:

  • Assess your current state system, processes, people & metrics.
  • Build a business case for change
  • Develop a detailed requirements list
  • Match to potential vendors
  • Assist with the assessment of the systems against your requirements
  • Assist with change and project management
  • Guide user testing
  • Review implementation and assess success.

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Contact Us For A Free Demonstration Today