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When it comes time to upgrading your HR system, or implementing a formal HR system for the first time, making the wrong decision on which system will best meet your organisation’s unique requirements, or implementing it poorly, can be an extremely expensive exercise. You may be aware of 2-3 relevant HR systems, but are they the most suited to your business of the more than 50 that exist?

We pride ourselves on being system requirements experts that partner equally with all vendors in the market to fully understand their offering, allowing us to match your requirements to the most appropriate system.

Audiences & Benefits

End users

  • People / organisations wishing to select and implement and adopt a new software application.
  • Reduces effort and costs associated with selection and project set-up
  • Reduces implementation / adoption failure rates
  • Maximise return on investment (RoI)
  • Guides (non-expert) users through a best practice process and automate key steps

Software vendors
Owners of software applications wishing to have their application implemented

  • Generate leads and enquiries, reduce cost of customer acquisition
  • On-board more clients more quickly (getting to licences fees)
  • Reduce risks and brand damaging project issues

The Product will be configured to represent HR systems and guide users through the steps for system implementation project set up.

Skopes provides an easy to follow process that supports the following activities:

  • System driven requirements gathering
  • Building of a business case and cost saving estimate
  • Vendor assessment, selection and engagement
  • Project management activities
  • Stakeholder engagement & vendor assessment management
  • Testing of functional requirements during implementation

This approach:

  • Reduces the project cost and increases the quality of system implementation
  • Provides a greater return on investment
  • Reduces the risks associated with implementation
  • Ensures better alignment to your organisations requirements
  • Ensures speedier system selection and implementation time
  • Helps with greater stakeholder acceptance
  • Helps you to maximise the benefits of adopting a new system


  • To increase both the quantity and quality of system implementations
  • To reduce the risks associated with implementations
  • Help organisations maximise the benefits of adopting new systems
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