Corporate Culture: The Hidden Asset of your Business

//Corporate Culture: The Hidden Asset of your Business

Some people think corporate culture doesn’t matter. Discussion of vision, values and mission statements are just a time waster for people who can’t build a product or sell it!

All this team building mumbo-jumbo simply got in the way of the real work of business!
Businesses don’t fail because of the lack of great ideas, great technology or great products and services or even great people.

They fail because they are missing that secret weapon that unites and galvanises these parts of a business to create a living, breathing and sustainable organisation that has strength, unity and purpose.

Strong cultures create successful companies. Think Virgin or Apple. These companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars building their brand and culture. They have teams of people or marketing companies assist them in creating and managing their brand and also feverishly protect it.

Brand reputation is key, take the example of an Airline customer here in Australia who was having a terrible experience with her check-in. She tweeted about her experience to her 200,000 followers.

The cost of this to a business could cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. In fact, the Daily Telegraph in London claims that bad reviews and online trolls cost UK businesses up to £30,000 each year. Thankfully for their airline, they had reputation management software and were able to firstly know about their unhappy customer and also attend to her whilst she was still in the line.

They were able to exceed her expectation and thanked them by re-tweeting, ‘now that’s customer service, I’ll never fly with anyone else”. Now that’s managing your reputation well.

It is important that all businesses manage and monitor their brand, not just Virgin, Apple and other large companies.

In the SME sector, one bad customer review going unnoticed can make or break a business. What is being said about key personnel can affect your brand, what your employees or even worse, your ex employees are saying about your company can affect what customers think of your brand. One bad customer review can turn people away and all businesses should be feverishly protecting themselves against this as your culture and brand are your business.

Protect your brand today ….

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