The Future of Work

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THE FUTURE OF WORK I was recently invited to sit on a discussion panel on the Future of Learning & Development by Oracle. During the event I was privileged to hear first hand from Jorn Jundin, a learning strategist from LinkedIn's Learning. One particular question posed during this discussion by Oracle HCM MC Jill Price, sparked interest in me...What challenges do you see within the future of work around talent development? My thoughts on the Future of Learning and Talent Development... There are some driving forces that are rapidly changing and organisations need to start adjusting the systems processes and

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Vendor Selection and Engagement 101

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  Golden Rules of Selection Organisations' often jump from wanting and needing technology to purchasing in many cases. Usually, their depth and breadth of research and requirements gathering https://hrlead.com.au/requirements-gathering-the-3-quick-steps-to-success/ can be limited. This may be due to time, resource and knowledge constraints. In fact, it is common place to get referrals on technology and vendors from network of colleagues and friends. This can then immediately go down the path of selecting and purchasing. Here in lies the trap of selecting a vendor and their products/services which may not suit the organisation. While the recommendations from networks are a good and logical

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HR Tech Fest 2017

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Attended the HR Tech Fest 2017 and had caught up with all the latest news and information from all the Vendors. Check it out here https://youtu.be/FxRvLdCyhGk.

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AHRI Conference 2017

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Attended the AHRI Conference and had the opportunity to chat to vendors. Check out the latest from the Vendors at the conference! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmV71Er7STo&t=22s

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Special Offer

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Who is eligible for this Special offer? For SME businesses under 400 employees who don't know how to select the right HR software for their requirements. We will use our tool to gather your requirements, create a business case, assess and select the right system for you. Unlike other consulting companies, we are system agnostic and use a powerful matching tool to manage the selection and implementation process. Our system and process provides the certainty your executives will appreciate. What do you get? Using Skop.es, we will Help you gather your full system requirements at a very detailed level Build

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Building of Business Case – HR Systems

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The words "business case" seem to be commonly used across all organisations these days. Depending on the size and type of decision, a business case may be required by senior management. Bigger the cost of the decision, the more likely it is that a detailed business case is required to prove its worth. A good business case generally aims to provide guidance to a group of executives or management in three major areas: Solving problems impacting the top line Solving problems impacting the bottom line Risk and opportunities for investments The humble beginnings of the term "business case" are hard

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HR system changes – Project roles

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Roles and stakeholder, who is involved and when Technology transformations are a journey. They are not achieved in a day or a week or a month. In fact, considering business case preparation to pre-selection of systems through to implementation and embedment, organisations could take up to a year or more in going through this entire journey. So, it is normal for changes to occur in these roles and individuals over this period. It is important to note that the roles that are involved in technology projects are different to the business as usual positions held by individuals. At a high

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Requirements Gathering – The 3 quick steps to success

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Requirements gathering is not a new phrase in corporate vernacular. In fact, if you have had anything to do with a systems implementation in the past ten years, you are pretty au fait with defining requirements before implementing any system. Knowing what you need (and want) before purchase is a common practice. Everyone goes through this routine in their mind before making purchases even if it is as simple as buying a new phone or selecting a restaurant to dine in. However, when the purchase is to suit or meet the needs of more than one (i.e. yourself) the choices

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How to Streamline your Human Resources for a More Profitable 2016

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Most owners and business leaders that I have asked the question “how was business in 2015?” respond that it was a tough year. Costs were higher, sales were lower and the profit margin slimmer. Most are quite happy to see the back of 2015. The scary thing is most of these people also don’t have a solid answer to the question “ What are you going to do differently in 2016 to ensure you don’t get the same results? Business owners and business leaders need to look at doing things differently because if you keep doing the same thing you

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Corporate Culture: The Hidden Asset of your Business

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Some people think corporate culture doesn’t matter. Discussion of vision, values and mission statements are just a time waster for people who can’t build a product or sell it! All this team building mumbo-jumbo simply got in the way of the real work of business! Businesses don’t fail because of the lack of great ideas, great technology or great products and services or even great people. They fail because they are missing that secret weapon that unites and galvanises these parts of a business to create a living, breathing and sustainable organisation that has strength, unity and purpose. Strong cultures

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